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"Airborne Transient Electromagnetic Exploration Instrument" of Institute of Electronics Successfully Completed Its First Flight Test
Update time: 2015-11-10
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The "aviation transient electromagnetic exploration instrument" system, a major scientific equipment development project of CAS, has successfully completed its first airborne geophysical exploration flight test, which lasted 21 days in Linxiang County, Yueyang City, Hunan Province, during the period of September 1st to 21st, 2015. The development and implementation of the project, organized by the Key Laboratory of Electromagnetic Radiation and Sensing Technology at the Institute of Electronics, has been achieved through the joint cooperation of Base 068 of the Chinese Aerospace Science and Technology Group, Jilin University and Xiamen University. The project aims to develop a practical aviation transient electromagnetic exploration instrument with independent intellectual property rights, thus providing a technical means for the rapid evaluation of underground mineral resources and optimization of target area, thereby breaking the monopoly and blockade of western countries, filling the gaps in China’s aviation geophysical exploration instruments, and providing technical support for the further implementation strategy of "prospecting for deep and concealed orebodies" of mineral resources and the construction of mineral resources security system in China.
   The “aviation transient electromagnetic exploration instrument” carried in this flight test, which mainly consisted of a transmitter with high magnetic moments and high power emission coils, a multi-channel receiver and controller, induction type magnetic field sensors and flight pods, etc., has successfully completed its flight test mission, including the anomalous body test, spot test, background noise test and conformance testing, etc., achieving airborne geophysical data which are accurate and reliable, by utilizing a double ellipsoidal auto-control airship developed by Base 068.
   The success of the flight test indicates that the system of the airborne transient electromagnetic exploration instrument developed by China has taken an important step in terms of localization and practicality. (Geng Zhi & Liu Lihua, Lab Ten)

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