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China successfully developed its first millimeter wave three-baseline InSAR prototype
Update time: 2012-07-03
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China’s first millimeter wave three-baseline InSAR prototype has been successfully developed in the National Key Laboratory of Microwave Imaging Technology in IECAS. The prototype is the fruit of “Key Technology in Airborne Millimeter Wave Three-Baseline Cross-Track InSAR” task in the subject of new remote sensing technologies in earth observation and navigation, which is part of the “863 Program” in the country’s 11th Five-Year Plan.

The millimeter wave cross-track InSAR prototype is provided with three baselines and employs an optical remote sensing equipment stabilization platform. Compared with the short-range multi-baseline millimeter wave InSAR developed by Germany and the single-baseline millimeter wave InSAR developed by JPL in the USA, the middle-/low-altitude flight platform-based overall design and technological solution of this prototype presents certain advancement.

Meanwhile, the InISAR imaging tests against moving objects both in the air and on the ground by using this prototype have achieved satisfactory technological level and image quality, and are of great importance to the development of advanced SAR and InSAR system.

(Sci & Tech Division: Lin Kuan)

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