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Laboratory of Programmable Chips and System
Update time: 2009-10-27
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1. General introduction
Programmable Chip is a universal device just like CPU and DSP. It can be programmed to achieve the logical functions needed by users, and thus has such advantages as high flexibility, short design cycles, low cost and low risk. Programmable chip is a strategic high-tech device and an important foundation for national information industry, which is irreplaceable in various areas such as Internet, high-speed wireless communications, high-speed image processing ,etc. Currently the programmable chip needed in China relies on imports, and the total cost is near hundred million U.S. dollars per year for it's monopolized by a few overseas companies. In order to change this status, the R&D of programmable chip has been included in the national medium and long-term technology development plan. The outstanding expert Yang Hai Gang, introduced from abroad by the “One Hundred Talents” project, has lead the design team of programmable Chip working on the research and managed to tape out two programmable chips, standing on the domestic frontier in this field.
2. Major technical advantages
(1) Self-developed large-scale programmable chip design.
(2) Develop specific configuration software assigned to programmable chip with independent intellectual property rights, and the co-design between hardware and software will be more flexible to optimize the performance of programmable chip.
3. Major Achievements
(1) Successfully developed the chip of “Huixin I”, which is highly praised by the Inspection Expert Group as “a major breakthrough made in the programmable chip design technology for the first time in China and the foundation laid for the self-design of programmable chips”.
(2) Successfully developed the chip of “Huixin I Plus”, whose performance has been further enhanced to provide users’ applications, pioneering the road of programmable chip industrialization.
(3) Undertaken the mission of programmable chip R&D from National Key Scientific and Technological Projects and the CAS important direction projects.
(4) Cooperate closely with such units as Institute of Microelectronics of CAS, Shenyang Institute of Automation and other units with complementary strengths.
(5) Partnership with FOUNDRY vendor.
(6) As one of governing units of EDA Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences, jointly build and share the EDA tool platform.


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