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Key Laboratory of Electromagnetic Radiation and Detection Technology
Update time: 2009-10-27
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1. General introduction
The laboratory aims at the frontier of electromagnetic field and microwave technology, explores new phenomena / new laws of the electromagnetic radiation and radio wave propagation, and carries out the mechanism studies on the interaction between electromagnetic waves and matter, as well as the studies on novel methods, technologies and application system integration for electromagnetic wave propagation and detection, to meet the application demand of national space science and exploration, earth resource exploration and counter-terrorism. And the lab is trying to provide a theoretical and technical support platform with more complete equipments and more scientific and technical strength for the studies on electromagnetic radiation and detection technology of China.
2. Major technical advantages (research directions)
(1) Researches on basic theories and applications of electromagnetic radiation and wave propagation;
(2) Researches on ultra-wide band radar imaging methods and technologies;
(3) Researches on novel methods, technologies and application system integration of electromagnetic detection;
(4) Researches on modern antenna theory and its application.
3. Development Goals of the Laboratory
Near and medium-term objectives
Follow the development of modern electromagnetic field and microwave technology tightly, and carry out studies on novel methods and techniques of electromagnetic radiation, radio wave propagation and detection to meet the demand of China. Carry out researches on moon radar technology, space vector electromagnetic wave detection technology, computerized ionospheric tomography technology, and other advanced payload technologies to serve such space exploration missions as Chang'E Project, Kuafu Project, seismic electromagnetic satellites and so on. Study novel methods, technologies and applied system integration of low-frequency electromagnetic field and wave exploration to meet our urgent need for exploration of underground resources. Research into novel methods, technologies and device integration of ultra-wide band electromagnetic detection and imaging to meet the need of counter-terrorism and military modernization equipment. Through all researches above, we'll provide theoretical and technical support for space science and exploration, underground resource exploration, counter-terrorism and military modernization of China, and gradually build a training base for high-level personnel in China’s modern electromagnetic field theory, microwave technology and its application.
Long-term objective
Gradually build the laboratory into a core research base and theoretical/technical support platform through personnel introduction and training, continuous theoretical research and technical innovation, as well as hardware construction, thus to develop a first-class laboratory that is domestically advanced and famous around the world.
4. Major researches
(1) Researches on basic theory of electromagnetic wave and its application;
(2) Moon radar technology;
(3) Methods and techniques of Ground Penetrating Radar;
(4) Researches on novel methods, novel techniques and application system integration of electromagnetic exploration of underground resources;
(5) Researches on artificial electromagnetic materials theory and its application;
(6) Through-wall imaging radar methods and techniques;
(7) THz imaging method and technology.



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