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The Department of High Power Gas Laser Technology
Update time: 2009-10-09
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1.General introduction
The Institute of Electronics, as a part of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), started the gas laser research since early 60's of the last century, and was one of the organizations which were engaged in gas laser technology at the very beginning in China. The institute succeeded to develop our first gas lasers one after another including Helium-Neon laser, Helium-Xenon laser, Argon Ion laser, and CO2 laser. The Department of High Power Gas Laser Technology has been committed to the generation and application research of gas laser for over 40 years, and achieved a number of research results. The research on high-repetition-rate pulsed CO2 laser particularly reaches an international advanced level. Moreover, the pulsed CO2 laser up to 10,000 watts average power which succeeded in 2005, as well as the high-power tunable pulsed CO2 laser, are both advanced world-widely. In laser applications, the department successfully developed China's first infrared laser communication machine, the first continuous-wave CO2 laser emission source and the first CO2 laser surgery device. In 1976, by cooperating with the former Second Ministry of Machine Building, we succeeded in the first laser isotope separation experiment in China using high-power pulsed TEA CO2 laser. The application research of laser propulsion was started here in 2002, and the first free-flying demonstration of laser propulsion in China was implemented here, too.
Department of High Power Gas Laser Technology of CAS’s Institute of Electronics owns a series of advanced optical/electrical test equipments that currently distributed in six laboratories, which are doing researches respectively on high-power pulsed CO2 laser, laser synthetic aperture radar, high-power tunable pulsed laser, pulsed chemical laser, power electronics, optical technics.
2.Major Research Fields
(1)Pulsed gas laser technology
(2)High-power laser tuning technology
(3)Laser synthetic aperture radar technology
(4)Laser propulsion technology
(5)High-voltage switching power supply technology
3.Major Researches
(1)High power and high-repetition-rate TEA CO2 laser
(2)The tunable CO2 laser
(3)High-resolution imaging of laser synthetic aperture radar
(4)Electric-discharge pulsed chemical laser
(5)Interaction between laser and matter
(6)New mechanism of high-power laser generation
(7)Application of high-power laser
(8)Laser propulsion experiments
(9)High-power high-voltage capacitor charging power supply

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