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Department of Airborne Microwave Remote Sensing System
Update time: 2009-08-02
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1. General introduction
Institute of Electronics has achieved a number of technical innovations in the airborne SAR field. Complete the stereotype design of China's first airborne synthetic aperture imaging radar system with independent intellectual property rights. Develop China's first airborne synthetic aperture radar system for UAV use, and complete a series of application flight experiments, including target flight, mapping, flood monitoring, and marine law enforcement. Complete the development and application flight experiments of China's first airborne synthetic aperture radar system with a resolution better than 0.5m, and thus achieved the strategic goal of SAR great-leap-forward development. Develop China's first airborne interferometric SAR system, which indicates the application field expansion of our SAR technologies and the SAR improvement from 2-dimensional to 3-dimensional. Achieve China's first export of SAR system, and complete a series of key technology research, greatly reducing the disparity compared with the highest international standards.
2. Recent achievements
(1) High-resolution airborne SAR system
(2) Airborne interferometric SAR system
(3) High-resolution multi-polarization SAR system
(4) UAV-based SAR / GMTI Radar System
(5) Multi-band and multi-polarization airborne SAR Jamming Evaluation System
(6) Pod SAR system

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