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Research and Development Center of Space Traveling-Wave Tubes
Update time: 2009-08-02
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 1. Major technical advantages
Undertake national/ministerial longitudinal projects such as National Science & Technology Pillar Program projects, National Major Projects on core electronic devices, pre-research, researches on type series and new products, CAS National Defense Innovation, and be committed to technical innovation and basic applied researches on space traveling-wave tubes and related areas. Solve critical, fundamental and common technical issues in the R&D process of space traveling-wave tube amplifiers for engineering use. Meanwhile take charge of the development and small batch production of broad-band CW traveling-wave tubes, pulsed traveling-wave tubes, and ultra-compact pulsed traveling-wave tube for various key projects and aerospace engineering use. The center has provided over 10 models of space traveling-wave tube amplifiers for our satellites, rockets and manned space projects, as well as over 30 models of traveling-wave tubes for various electronic countermeasures systems, thus made an important contribution to our nation. 

Be equipped with a domestically advanced traveling-wave tube process line; the space traveling-wave tube amplifiers, broad-band CW traveling-wave tubes, and pulsed traveling-wave tubes developed by the center are domestically leading; be capable of small batch production of various models of space traveling-wave tubes and TWT for military use (over 500 per year in average).
2. Major research directions
• Technology of space traveling-wave tubes with high efficiency, long life and high reliability
• Power supply technology for space use, with miniaturization, high efficiency and high reliability
• Broad-band CW traveling-wave tube technology
• Pulsed traveling-wave tube technology
• TWT critical, fundamental and common techniques
(3) Major researches and achievements
• Space traveling-wave tubes and amplifiers for satellite and manned space engineering use:
  Working frequencies: L-band, S-band, C-band, X-band, Ku-band, and Ka-band
  Technical level: domestically leading and some performance indicators have been close to the international advanced level.
Major Awards: First-class and second-class prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress, first-class prize of CAS Scientific and Technological Progress and so on.
• Broad-band CW traveling-wave tubes for electronic countermeasures system use:
Technical level: Domestically advanced by replacing the import with independent innovation.
• Ultra-compact pulsed traveling-wave tubes for CZ series rockets use and high-power pulsed traveling-wave tube amplifiers for radar use:
Technical level: Domestically advanced by replacing the import with independent innovation.

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