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National Key Lab of Microwave Imaging Technology
Update time: 2009-08-02
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1. Basic theory researches
(1) Researches on the theories and methods of microwave imaging information acquisition, focusing on advanced microwave imaging system technology research and prototype development;
(2) Researches on microwave imaging information processing and analysis techniques, focusing on accurate microwave imaging processing and efficient target information processing, information extraction algorithms and methods;
(3) Tracking and studying the latest advances of international microwave imaging, research and propose novel systems, technologies and concepts on microwave imaging technologies which are possibly of great impact on the microwave imaging development to China.
2. Major researches and achievements
(1) Systematical researches on key techniques such as high-resolution SAR system technology, motion compensation and so on; the prototype development and flight experiments. In the National Tenth Five-Year Plan, a SAR system with the highest resolution in China was developed;
(2) The development of the first airborne interferometric SAR system in China, making radar technology for earth observation from two-dimensional to three-dimensional and filling the domestic blank in this field;
(3) Taking the lead in researches on the mechanism, marine experiments, algorithm and preliminary applications of microwave remote sensing based on SAR low-contrast signal detection; leading the development of related subjects;
(4) Combining researches on mechanism, algorithm and typical applications organically, which include researches on scattering ground features, SAR signal modeling, imaging processing and parameter inversion. Start the research into imaging simulation/algorithm, data-processing theory and methods to support the potential applications of SAR, such as simulation of satellite-terrestrial integration, high-resolution SAR imaging, interferometric SAR data processing, polarimetric SAR/ polarimetric interferometry SAR data processing, marine information extraction, imaging and detection of moving targets, three-dimensional imaging, image understanding, etc;
(5) Initiate researches on novel concepts/types of microwave imaging, study and propose novel SAR systems such as fixed-point observation based on large-scale region, three-dimensional imaging, multi-dimensional microwave imaging, and sparse microwave imaging, etc;
(6) Keep building advanced airborne and ground-based experimental platforms to carry out scientific experiments;
(7) Carry out researches on theory, system and methods about sparse microwave imaging.


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