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The Achievement of Shipborne Experimental Verification of Program 863 "Ultra-Deep Ground Penetrating Radar System and Its Industrialization" Theme Projects
Update time: 2015-11-10
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The National Program 863 "ultra-deep ground penetrating radar system and its industrialization" theme projects, undertaken by Laboratory Ten of Institute of Electronics, was successfully completed in Linxiang County, Yueyang City, Hunan Province, during the period of September 7th to 26th, 2015.
The flight test platform, developed by Base 068 of the China Aerospace Science and Industry Group, is a double ellipsoidal auto-control airship, with a length of more than 40 m and width of more than 20 m, and is a system suitable for carrying ultra-deep ground penetrating radar equipped with high frequency bands. The test acquired more than 30 km of ship-borne probe data, the results of which are in agreement with the local geological data.
The National Program 863 "ultra deep exploration radar system and its industrialization" theme projects, which creatively utilize the super-long pseudo-random pulse coding system, break through the technical bottleneck of the carrier-free pulse system of traditional ground penetrating radar, effectively improving the depth of exploration, and can reach a probing depth of more than 100 m, so as to further expand the exploration engineering application scope of radar technology. The research results of this project provide a new technical means for the development of high-resolution, large-scale, high-efficiency survey and geological survey in China. (Zhang Qunying, Lab Ten)

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