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Bai Chunli Conducted Investigation and Survey in Huairou Park, Institute of Electronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IECAS)
Update time: 2015-03-30
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    Spring has come around once again, and everything looks fresh and renewed. On March 9, Bai Chunli, the President and Party Secretary of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), paid a sincere visit. He conveyed greetings to the research specialist staff, investigated the implementation of the CAS “Leading Action Plan”, and discussed the reform, innovation, and development of the IECAS with the backbone of the scientific research team, as well as the representatives of administrative staff at the Huairou Park location. He was accompanied by Yin Hejun, Vice President and Party Member of the CAS.

 Bai Chunli first inspected the Research and Development Centre of Space Traveling-Wave Tubes, and the Key Laboratory of High-power Microwave Source and Technology of the IECAS, and observed the operating demonstration of the geographic information bearing platform. Then, he listened to the report of Wu Yirong, Head of the IECAS, regarding the basic situation of the IECAS, the progress of the One-Three-Five Plan (referring to one research and development orientation, three major breakthroughs, and five major development directions), and the concept of a pilot innovation research institute, as well as the report of Sun Dianyi, Party Secretary of the IECAS, regarding the Party building of the IECAS.

 After learning the innovation progress and achievements which the IECAS have obtained in recent years, through investigating, surveying, and observing the sound conditions for scientific research in Huairou Park, Bai Chunli was very gratified and exhilarated. He pointed out that the IECAS, as the leading research institute in the field of electronics and information science in China, has made satisfactory breakthroughs through the efforts of generations of research specialists. These research specialists, under the leadership of the IECAS, have focused on the Leading Action Plan, and have thoroughly carried out the One-Three-Five Plan, which testifies to the ability of the IECAS to cater to the major national demands, as well as undertaking major R&D programs which reflect the status and contributions of the CAS as a national science and technology team.

  As for the further reform, innovation, and development of the IECAS, Bai Chunli put forward ardent expectations and requirements: First of all, to continue to promote the One-Three-Five Plan, work out the 13th Five-Year Plan combining relevant research, and assess the One-Three-Five Plan during the period of the 12th Five-Year Plan, for the purpose of presenting an excellent paper, and for the achievement of major results. Secondly, to thoroughly understand and carefully carry out the CAS’s policy of building the academy over the new period, and accelerating the innovation and development of the IECAS according to the requirements of the three directions and four leading actions, in order to strive to achieve more major results, and make more innovative contributions. Finally, to actively participate in the classification and reform of the IECAS, cater to the national major demands, and to pinpoint strategic orientation, innovation targets, and directions regarding to the existing gaps and bottlenecks restricting the innovation and development of the IECAS, as well as the path by which innovative breakthroughs and great-leap-forward developments are achieved for the purpose of accelerating and promoting the preparation of a pilot innovation research institute from a high standard and starting point.

  Bai Chunli stressed that scientific and educational integration is a unique advantage of the CAS, and that the integration should be closely linked with the construction of innovative personnel. As one of the construction units of fundamental colleges, the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, the IECAS shall give full play to the advantages of its subjects, as well as coordinate resources, establish the innovative unit integrating science and education, and further promote the integration of science and education, in order to strive to make new progress in the highland construction of innovative personnel.

 Bai Chunli pointed out that the IECAS must both actively undertake national major R&D programs, as well as bravely promote the reform and innovation of the system and mechanisms, in order to strengthen the construction of the governance system and the capacity of modern academies. The IECAS must both strengthen the application of research and development, along with the results of key technology, and focus on the cutting-edge fundamental research in relevant fields, in order to continue developing and increasing new core competitiveness. Also, the IECAS must give full play to irreplaceability in the relevant scientific research fields, together with strengthening the opening cooperation and coordinative innovation both internally and externally in the CAS through multiple channels, which will develop an innovative route with its own characteristics, and set a fine example for the innovation and development of research institutes within the high-technology fields of the CAS.

 Bai Chunli also proposed requirements for strengthening the leadership of research institutes, and the construction of a clean and honest government. He placed stress on persistently managing the construction of leadership, enhancing the ability of planning development, promoting reform, and leading innovation. He also stressed the importance of building an honest risk prevention and control system, managing and reasonably using the funds for scientific research, and persistently strengthening the construction of the Party’s style, in accordance with the requirements of the construction responsibility system of a clean and honest government. He stressed the need of earnestly strengthening the construction of grass-roots Party organizations, which will ensure the Party building focus on innovation, as well as serve and promote innovation.

  The relevant representatives from the General Office of the CAS, the Bureau of Major R&D Programs Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Bureau of Science and Technology for the Development Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Beijing Branch Institute of the CAS, accompanied Bai Chunli for this investigation and survey. (General Office)






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