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Successful field survey line experiment carried out by MT acquisition station of the 10th laboratory in Institute
Update time: 2014-08-12
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On June 18, 2014, the development team from the MT acquisition station of the key laboratory of electromagnetic radiation and detection technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (the 10th laboratory of Institute of Electronics) left for the Lenghu area in the Qinghai oil field along with BGP for MT profile exploration. By July 5, 2014, the exploration of two survey lines (a total of 40 points) has been successfully completed. By comparing data with BGP, the equipment performance index has fully reached the requirements of MT collection station. 

After digestion, absorption, progressive improvement, a large number of experiments and other stages, the 10th laboratory of Institute of Electronics successfully developed a stable and reliable MT acquisition station prototype characterized by excellent performance. The acquisition station takes full advantages of the existing technology at home and abroad to constantly improve the performance and achieve the acquisition frequency band of 320 Hz-10000S, acquisition channel 5, system dynamic range of 120 dB (not including gain coefficient), and storage space of 32 GB. System power consumption is 7 W, and lithium batteries are used for power supply, which greatly facilitates field operations. Therefore, the acquisition station has great advantages over similar acquisition stations abroad. In addition, the instrument uses a WIFI network to conduct configuration and data transmission, which makes it easier for instrument control and data collection. 

  Lenghu area is located in the Gobi Desert plateau, with dry climate and heavy winds, which are major challenges for field experiments. The researchers overcame physical discomfort and successfully completed survey line exploration, and the data quality was good. Through synchronous comparison of data, the acquisition station of the Institute of Electronics has reached the design requirements of an MT acquisition station and has certain advantages over similar acquisition stations abroad. 

  (Huang Jiangjie, the 10th laboratory) 

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