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Winner of the Second Prize in 2013 Science and Technology Awards of Chinese Institute of Electronics
Update time: 2014-04-25
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Second Prize in Science and Technology Awards

Award Ceremony

Group Photo


“The 2nd Chinese ICT Science & Technology Evaluation and Industrial Development Promotion Conference and the Robotics Forum of 2014 Chinese Electronic Information Technology Annual Symposium”, organized by the Chinese Institute of Electronics, was held at Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on April 12, 2014. 


Zixue Zhou, Chief Economist of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MITT), Biao Chen, Shenzhen Deputy Mayor, and Rulin Liu, Deputy President of Chinese Institute of Electronics, attended the conference and made presentations. Academician Hao Dai announced and awarded the winners of the “2013 Science and Technology Awards of Chinese Institute of Electronics”. Following, a series of excellent speeches were given by Xiaolan Xu, Secretary General of Chinese Institute of Electronics; Jie Zhao, Chief of Intelligent Robots Group of the National 863 Project; Haifeng Wang, Vice President of Technology of Baidu, etc. Among all the competitors, “Key Technology Research on Large-Scale Programmable Logic Circuits” of the Institute of Electronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IECAS) won the Second Prize in Science and Technology Awards (Technological Invention Section) of the Chinese Institute of Electronics. And the Lab of System on Programmable Chip of IECAS won the award as the only organization that had completed its project.


The “Key Technology Research on Large-Scale Programmable Logic Devices” of IECAS developed a new programmable logic circuit system based on heterogeneous mixing units; designed various programmable logic circuits based on this system; invented a corresponding software system supporting the practical design of the device; mastered the core design technique of large-scale programmable logic circuits; and promoted the localization of high-end programmable logic circuits, which is significant in mastering strategic high technologies at the national level. 


At present, the programmable logic circuit independently developed by IECAS has been applied domestically, and succeeded in on-orbit tests carried out by Practice 9B Satellite in October, 2012. This achievement for the first time realized the in-orbit test of domestic programmable logic circuits of large capacity and high performance, breaking through the core technology of domestic large-scale programmable logic circuits application in space.

(Zhihong Huang, Room 11)

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