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MEMS electric field sensors successfully developed by Institute of Electronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Update time: 2014-03-07
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 Atmospheric electric field sensor on the ground

Atmospheric electric field sensor on the ground

Balloon-borne atmospheric electric field sensor

Electric field sensor for smart grid

A series of electric field microsensors based on MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems) technologies have successfully developed by Professor Shanhong Xia’s research group at the State Key Laboratory of Transducer Technology, Institute of Electronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. The innovative products include atmospheric electric field microsensor on the ground, balloon-borne atmospheric electric field microsensor, three-dimensional electric field microsensor, and electric field microsensors for smart grid. The designs of several products have been finalized in September 2013, and the products have been used in various applications.

The products have the following advantages:

1)        Small size, high spatial resolution, and low power consumption;

2)        No motor wear parts, good stability, and high reliability;

3)        Simultaneous measurement of electrostatic field and alternating electric field;

4)        Can be used for detecting the electric filed at a single point or at multi-points within a region by wireless network.








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