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"Research on Key Technology of Large-scale PLD" passes technological achievement appraisal
Update time: 2013-11-26
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The Chinese Institute of Electronics (CIE) has recently held a technological appraisal meeting on the "Research on Key Technology of Large-scale PLD" undertaken by IECAS in Beijing.

Xu Xiaolan, secretary general of CIE, presided over the meeting. Deng Yunkai, deputy director of IECAS, delivered a speech. Led by academician Shen Xubang, the appraisal committee consisting of experts from entities like the Technology Department and the Planning Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Tsinghua University, Peking University, Beijing Institute of Electronics Technology and Application, CASC Institute 771, Beijing Huahong and Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciences, looked over relevant materials, carefully listening to the summary report, technical support, novelty research report, user report, test report, economic benefit and social benefit report by researcher Yang Haigang, person in charge of the project. Members of the committees agreed that the project has filled a domestic gap in the field of high-grade and high-reliability PLD development and has been up to domestic leading standards, approving the project to pass the technological achievement appraisal by consensus.

Upon full discussion and appraisal, the experts agreed that IECAS has successfully developed two high-reliability large-scale "Comet" PLDs and their matching application PASSKEY, and were carried by Practice-9B satellite for an in-orbit test in October 2012, accomplishing the first spatial in-orbit validation of homemade PLDs of the same grade. The project achieved a breakthrough in the core technology of spatial application of homemade large-scale PLDs, promoted the localization of high-reliability PLDs and is of great significance to mastering high strategic technologies at a national level

At the same time, the committee suggested accelerating the popularization and application testing of "Comet II high-speed" PLDs.


Huang Zhihong/No. 11 Laboratory

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