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Leaders of Beijing Branch of CAS Came to the Institute of Electronics and Declared that Fang Guangyou will Assume the Officeof the Deputy Director of the Institute
Update time: 2013-07-12
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On the afternoon of July 3, 2013, a meeting declaring the newly-appointed deputy director of the institute was held in Conference Room 102. Ma Yang, standing Deputy Secretary of Party Committee and deputy director of Beijing Branch Academy and Li Haoran, division chief of organization and personnel department attended the meeting. More than 60 people attended the declaration meeting, including members of the Institute of Electronics leading group, members of the Party Commission, members of the Disciplinary Commission, middle management backbones and technical backbones. The meeting was held by Sun Dianyi, chief secretary of the Party Commission and deputy director of the institute.

Ma Yang, the standing deputy secretary read Chinese Academy of Science Officeholding Notice concerning that Fang Guangyou assumed office as the deputy director of the Institute of Electronics and gave an important speech. First he introduced Comrade Fang Guangyou’s officeholding process in which he passed through leading cadres selection procedures including public recruitment and democratic inspection and publicity, and introduced Comrade Fang Guangyou’s personal working and officeholding experiences. Ma Yang, thestanding deputy secretary also proposed expectations as well as requirements for Comrade Fang Guangyou. He expected that Comrade Fang continued to exert working advantages during the research institute period, under the instructions of the institute director and the institute Party Commission, to consider issues from the perspective of national development and national security needs and the whole institute, to work boldly and be more strict with himself, to strengthen study continuously and to accomplish tasks in the field he is in charge of. Finally, Ma Yang, the standing deputy secretary hoped that, with the support of Party Group of the Institute and the Party Group of Beijing Branch, the leading group and working staff of the Institute ofElectronics could create new glory.

Then, Sun Dianyi Secretary Congratulated Comrade Fang Guangyou on assuming the office of our institute’s deputy director and hoped that all comrades in our institute could concern and support Comrade Fang Guangyou’s work.

The newly selected deputy institute director Fang Guangyou gave a speech and expressed that he was sincerely grateful for the support, help and trust of institute leaders and leaders of Beijing Branch and all working staff in the institute, and that he would continuously strengthen study and stick to the hard working spirit and work out practical results under the leadership of the director of the institute and the Party commission of the institute.

At last, Wu Yirong, Director of the institute represented all members of institute servicecommittee to give a speech. First, he thanked the great support from the leading Party group of the institute and the leading Party group of Beijing Branch for our institute’s scientific research causes. Meanwhile, Director Wu introduced Comrade Fang Guangyou’s outstanding contributions made in aspects of funds, talent attraction and subject development when working in the 10th Department. At last, Director Wu expressed that we should continuously strengthen the construction of Party and political group, make persistent efforts and cooperate with absolute sincerity, perform the obligations well in our stage in the long history of the Institute of Electronics and live up to the prosperous development situation of our country, conduct our institute’s “One Three Five” work and accomplish all tasks given by thestate perfectly, promote the development of the Institute of Electrics to move on a new level.

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