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The Regular Election Conference of Organ Communist Party General Branch of the Institute of Electronics Was Held Successfully
Update time: 2013-07-12
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On the morning of July 4, 2013, the Organ Communist Party General Branch of the Institute of Electronics convened a Party Member Meeting for regular election. Cai Chenxi, Secretary of the organ Communist Party General Branch chaired this meeting and the all party members of the Organ Communist Party General Branch totaling 65 participated in this meeting.

In the meeting, Cai Chenxi, Secretary of Organ Communist Party General Branch gave Work Report on Organ Communist Party General Branch. He reviewed the work accomplishment of the Organ Communist Party General Branch in the past three years and summarized existing problems and working pattern in the next stage. He pointed out that under the leadership of Institute Communist Party Commission, the Organ Communist Party General Branch should closely surround the central task, implement Scientific Outlook on Development in a working pattern of advancing with the times,strive to strengthen the Communist Party’s ideological construction, organizational construction and work style construction, fully exert the political core effect of the Party organization, effectively facilitate all central tasks to develop in a good and fast pattern. He appealed to all organ Communist Party Members to strive to advance, explore and innovate, advance with the times and work hard to make more contributions to the technology innovation cause under the leadership of the new Communist Party General Branch.

In the meeting, participants discussed and passed the Election Methods of Commission Party Members Meeting of Organ Communist General Branch of the Institute of Electronics and the list of the team scrutinizing ballot, listened to the brief introduction of the new general branch commission candidates. After election, seven comrades including Cai Chenxi, Wang Yong, Zhu Zhanrong, Liu Shuzhen, Li Guihua, Zheng Chaohui, Yao Jingjing (in the surname strokes order) were elected as members of the new Organ Communist General Branch Committee.

After election, Sun Dianyi, the secretary of Institute Party Commission gave an important speech. First he congratulated the newly elected Organ Party General Branch Members and proposed three requirements for the Organ Party General Branch on behalf of the Party Commission of the institute. Firstly, use this regular election as a new opportunity and spare no efforts to promote the construction of service type Communist Party Organization. Secondly, condense Party General Branch group power, strive to surround the center and serve the overall situation and never implement two forms and two paths. Thirdly, exert effective and practical working style, never shout slogans and display useless forms and pursue bubble reputation. At last Secretary Sun proposed that he hoped all Party members and carders of the Organ Party General Branch unite and lead all working staffs and general public to enter a higher stage for development of technological enterprise and make more profound contributions.

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