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First issue of Journal of Radars published
Update time: 2012-05-04
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The first issue of Journal of Radars, jointly run by IECAS and China Radar Industry Association (CRIA), has been published as scheduled, marking the first step towards building a high-level academic exchange platform in China’s radar field.

Journal of Radars was preferentially published online before being published in print, thus boosting publication speed and enhancing communication timeliness. Take the first issue for example, all papers in this issue had been downloaded for 542 times before being published in print, with an average of 36 times for each paper.

Journal of Radars provides readers and authors with high efficacy, high quality, and fast services. The average publishing period of the first issue is 68 days from submission to preferential online publishing, and the average publishing period is 87 days from submission to print. During editing and publishing, the journal fully respects authors’ rights and interests, and keeps them informed of paper processing flow.

The editorial committee has played a significant role in the publishing of the first issue of Journal of Radars. Most papers in the first issue were reviewed by members of the committee. Remarkably, members Deng Yunkai, Ke Hengyu, and Yang Jianyu contributed the reviews to the journal, "Brief Analysis on the Development and Application of Spaceborne SAR", "Experimental Research of HF Passive Radar Based on DRM Digital AM Broadcasting", and "Development Laws and Macro Trends Analysis of Radar Technology". According to download records of the journal’s website, these three reviews articles rank top 3 among all papers downloaded.

Proposed to setting up Journal of Radars, a high-level national academic exchange platform, Editor-in-Chief Academician Wu Yirong set the mission of the journal as “integrating theory with practice, integrating academism with engineering and applications, reporting latest research findings in the radar field, providing guidance on disciplinary development, theoretical and academic development, and promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into productive forces”. From establishing the editorial committee, shaping the aims and scopes, attracting the submissions, to building up the brand of the journal, Wu Yirong was deeply involved in every single step of the process.

The publishing of the first issue of Journal of Radars benefited from authors’ strong support and active cooperation, too. All authors took revision and self-inspection seriously, and completed the revision and self-inspection timely, and even personally came to the Editorial Department to submit the papers, discuss problems, and offer constructive suggestions on the work of the editorial department.

As the famous Chinese saying goes, “A good beginning secures the half success”, by virtue of IECAS’s research strength in radar field, CRIA’s tremendous strength and rich resources, and the great support of readers and authors, under the leadership of Editor-in-Chief Wu Yirong and the editorial committee, with the continuous efforts of all the staff of the Editorial Department, Journal of Radars is believed to be better and better and graduately become a high-level periodical of radars.

(Jia Shouxin/Editorial Department)

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