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Prof Chen Ziting from HKUST Visits IECAS For Exchange
Update time: 2012-05-02
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In the afternoon on April 20, 2012, at the invitation of Key Laboratory of Microwave Imaging Technology, Professor Chen ZiTing (referred as Prof Chen) from the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology gave an academic report titled as "Some Physics of the Impossible" on Institute of Electronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (referred as IECAS), which is the first academic report in 2012 for the International Partner Program of innovation team of the institute and hosted by Researcher Zhang Bingchen.

Prof Chen introduced researches on current new technologies in relevant fields around "optical stealth" and "optical hallucination". Firstly, he discussed necessary conditions to achieve stealth in a very strict sense in combination of relevant theories of mathematics, physics and classical wave mechanics, then focused on "transformation optics", a new method developed in recent years, by which stealth, a fantastic phenomenon frequently showed in movies becomes easily understandable. Finally, Prof Chen presented theoretical achievements and recent processes of "transformation optics".

After the report, Prof Chen communicated and interacted with the staff and researchers in the institute on related content in the report.

Partner program of innovation team aims to facilitate the construction of state-of-art technology research base, enhance the research level and strength of major research institutes, establish a normal and optimum cooperation and exchange mechanism for international and domestic research institutes and researchers, and realize regular exchange visits and joint student cultivation by association and advantage complement of international and domestic research institutes and researchers. "Advanced microwave sounding and information processing", the second partner program of innovation team in the institute, is planned to be implemented in 2012 for a trial run. Furthermore, there have already been three overseas Chinese scholars coming to the institute for an exchange visit this year.

Prof Chen, a PhD in Physics of University of California, Berkeley, finished his PhD in Ames Laboratory, United States Department of Energy and engaged in research work then, but now is a chair professor in the Department of Physics, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

,Tianye, Zhang Bingchen,National Key Lab of Microwave Imaging Technology

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