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Faculty of IECAS bring green into Huairou High- tech Park
Update time: 2012-04-24
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On April 13, 2012, with spring in all its brightness and charm, more than 70 stuff members from Institute of Electronics, Chinese Academy of Science (IECAS) headed towards Huairou District to participate in tree planting activity. After planting gingko trees all around in person, they brought green and freshness into the soon opening Huairou High-tech Park.

This tree planting activity was jointly organized by Institute’s Labor Union, Park Management and Construction Department, and Huairou High-tech Park Management Office. It had received a warm response from faculty to the degree that even Wang Keqiang, the Institute’s secretary of the Party committee and deputy director, and Liu Pukun, another deputy director, had all personally taken part.

In a pep talk before the activity commenced, Secretary Wang Keqiang said, tree planting activity not only pulled human society and nature closer but also contributed to physical fitness and happy mood; most importantly, by joining in this activity we answered the national call of afforestation and environmental greening and made our own contributions to protect ecological environment. Besides, Secretary Wang also thanked everyone for care and support towards the Huairou High-tech Park’s construction and expressed his blessings to the lasting prosperity of Institute of Electronics.

On the scene of tree planting, people gathered in pairs or groups and worked at full blast. A gingko tree of length at seven to eight meters was put by a crane into the previously dug holes, and then people cooperated to handle stabilizing the tree, filling earth with shovel and correcting position respectively. Within minutes, one tree had been planted. Meanwhile, people also built a “dam” circling the tree root for irrigation use.

Some stuff could not wait for the arrival of crane so that younger boys carried trees into holes by hand. Although they almost worn out with sweats dropping, no fatigue but victorious happiness showed in their expressions.

An adorable child of stuff also joined the crowds as he played merrily by shuffling around, helping fill the earth for a while and then turning to other activities like moving away little stones. 

Faculty members also gave names to the newly planted trees, 3rd Section Tree, 4th Section Tree, Science & Electronics Tree, Institute Tree, etc. People felt content and happy to plant a tree by themselves.

With clear assignment of works and orderly practice, the tree planting scene was full of warmth and joys. A moment later, gingko trees stood straight and tall one after another in rows. Faculty’s industrial endeavors had added a beautiful scenery attraction to the empty square and clothed the Huairou High-tech Park under construction with green.

Before the start of this activity, Secretary Wang Keqiang and Deputy Director Liu Pukun had leaded responsible persons of relevant departments to inspect the construction progress of the Huairou High-tech Park.

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