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Conference of Academic Committee of CAS Key Laboratory of Electromagnetic Radiation and Probing Technology held
Update time: 2010-04-06
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The conference of the Academic Committee of the CAS Key Laboratory of Electromagnetic Radiation and Probing Technology was held at the auditorium of No.1 Department on March 23, 2010. 14 academic members such as Academician Jiang Jingshan, director of the academic committee, Deputy Director Professor Xiao Zuo and Professor Feng Zhenghe attended the conference. The high-tech bureau of CAS and the relevant departments of IECAS were present. At the conference, Academician Wu Yirong introduced the members of the new committee and attendees, thanked the attending experts for their great efforts and strong support to the key laboratory, briefed the attendees on the history and actuality of the laboratory and granted the letters of appointment to the members of the new committee. Zhang Yi, chief of the Science & Technology Division of IECAS, presided over the conference.

The committee listened to the laboratory work report by researcher Fang Guangyou, director of the key laboratory and the academic report by Professor Sheng Xinqing, member of the committee, reviewed the detailed rules for the management of the key laboratory, the articles of associations of the academic committee and other related documents, deliberated on the laboratory’s development objectives and disciplinary development and research orientation, and visited the laboratory’s research facilities and achievements.

The committee fully affirmed the laboratory’s orientation and development objectives, believed that the development objectives set by the laboratory on the basis of closely meeting the needs for national scientific and technological development and national economic development and centering on the major disciplinary orientation were practical and feasible, hoped that the laboratory would progressively grow into a domestic first-class research base in the disciplinary area, and thought that the laboratory should strengthen foreign exchange and cooperation. Also, the committee hoped that the laboratory would further intensify the applied research on basic theories and national strategic demands in a bid to make greater contributions to disciplinary development and national economic construction.

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