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The Creative Team “On-chip Programmable System Forefront Technology Research” Passes Commissioning Evaluation
Update time: 2009-09-15
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On May 22nd, 2009, Bureau of High-Tech Research and Development, CAS organized a meeting in Shenyang and had a commissioning evaluation on the creative team “On-chip Programmable System Forefront Technology Research”-international partner program jointly undertaken by Institute of Electronics and Institute of Micro-electronics. Deputy director of Bureau of High-Tech Research and Development, CAS, Liu Guiju attended this meeting and gave a speech. The expert group has 11 members in total with academician Xue Qikun from Tsinghua University as head and professor Chen Hongyi as the chief expert. The evaluation experts reviewed performance report of commissioning evaluation from research professor Yang Haigang (principal of the team) and special report of professor Wang Wei, a member aboard from State University of New York. After careful discussion, the expert group reached a consensus that the team passed commissioning evaluation and advised to approve the startup.


Taking programmable system forefront key technology as main line of research, core devices programmable gate array on site and high precision simulation sensing signal collecting circuit as well as low power consumption RF transceiver front end as key research subjects, this team will explore the new FPGA based on new memorizer, asynchronous system and three dimensional integrated technology. The research direction satisfies the requirements of national medium and long term science and technology development plan and information creation base strategic plan of CAS; meanwhile, it has a strategic influence on national economics and safety.


During commissioning, around the research subject, the creative team had an effective cooperation and communication, during which (1) it successfully held a seminar for three times; (2) it managed 16-people mutual visits home and aboard, and 12 foreign scholars visited institute of Electronics and Institute of Micro-electronics and gave about 30 lectures (about 100 hours in total); (3) members home and aboard together published 13 articles, including 2 APL; (4) experts home and aboard in the team jointly instructed graduate students, which build up channel for exchanging training of young scientific and technological personnel; (5) members home and aboard in team published about 50 relevant articles and applied for about 10 patents; (6) it received related research project approval, such as national important special project.


The members home and aboard in creative team have quite high scientific attainments in the fields of micro-nano electronic devices and circuit, on-chip system, large-scale integrated circuit design, etc. and have had prominent contribution and fruit in their research fields. The commissioning has proved that the research background of members has close relationship with this program and each of them has his advantages. The supplementary advantages and reasonable structure have become basis for long term cooperation.


The team will continue to strengthen cooperation, further explore new principle, methods and technology of on-chip programmable system making full use of multidisciplinary advantages, make further breakthrough on key technologies, such as programmable system chop design, software and hardware cooperation, week signal collection, high performance data processing, low power consumption RF transmission, system integration and testing, and hold high-level international conferences to improve the independent creation capacity in the fields of Institute of Electronics and Institute of Micro-electronics and international influence and competition.

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