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Have a Clear Understanding of the Situation and Strengthening Our Confidence to Create a New Phase of Development
Update time: 2009-09-15
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On March 1st, 2009, annual conference was held by Institute of Electronics in Lecture Hall of Kedian Mansion. There were in total 130 people attending this conference. They were the members of institute council, commissioners of party committee, commissioners of discipline committee, members of academic committee, members of science and technology development strategy research team, directors and deputy directors (director general) and secretary of party branch in each department, general engineers of all types of tasks, delegates of employee congress, retired secretary of party branch in institute.



The conference began with solemn national anthem. The main assignments of this conference are as follows: carefully studying annual conference spirit of CAS in 2009, completely summarizing each job of institute in 2008, analyzing current situation, discussing existed problems and deficiencies and improving measures and methods as well as deploying annual important work of institute in 2009.


The conference in the morning was held by deputy director Ding Chibiao. Firstly, deputy secretary Xue Xiuqing conveyed the speech spirit of president Lu Yongxiang and executive vice president Bai Chunli on annual conference of CAS. Xue said, president Lu particularly emphasized that scientific and technological development of CAS during the thirty years of reform and openness had enriched our reorganization of rules of scientific and technological creative activities, deepened our reorganization of creative systems to construct a country with Chinese characteristics, prominently upgraded our creative capacity and received much hard-won and quite valuable experience which is “ six consistent insistences”. He also emphasized that in the new development phase, we must inherit and promote the valuable experience, “don’t move, don’t slack, don’t toss” and continue to liberate the minds, insist on a realistic and pragmatic approach, making full efforts to reform and innovation to further scientific development and go along the road of independent innovation with Chinese characteristics; to complete our strategic orientation, targets and tasks, we must manipulate the whole situation using scientific development and devote ourselves promoting nine aspects of transformation, such as transforming from separate and free exploration and research to creative activities which give priority to orientated basic forefront research facing important scientific problems and national important strategic demands, key and core high-tech innovation and important system integration innovation, basic and systemic research related with sustainable development.

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