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Institute of Electronics Held Survey of the Masses Satisfaction and Sum-up Assembly on Carrying on In-depth Study and Practice of Scientific Concept of Development
Update time: 2009-09-15
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on the afternoon of February 25th, 2009, Institute of Electronics held survey of the masses satisfaction and sum-up assembly on carrying on in-depth study and practice of scientific concept of development. Over one hundred people, including members of leading body in Institute of Electronics, representatives of the backbone of scientific research, personages without party affiliation, personages form democratic party and representatives of the masses of Party members, attended the conference. Wu Yirong, director of Institute of Electronics, presided over the meeting. All the members of leading body were seated on the rostrum. Firstly, deputy secretary Xue Xiuqing briefly introduced the overall situation of study and practice activities. Then, the assembly made the survey of the masses satisfaction for study and practice activities by secret ballot. 132 valid survey forms were collected in total, of which the selection of “satisfied” accounted for 64.4%, the “relatively satisfied” was 34.8% according to on-site statistics. That meant “satisfied” andrelatively satisfied” was 99.2%. Then the director announced the survey result. At last, the deputy secretary Xue Xiuqing made the conclusive report on study and practice of scientific concept of development, which was divided into five parts: (I) The leaders attached great importance to this activity, all phases and aspects of the work was completed comprehensively and the leaders formed a development consensus; (II) The promotion carrier was creative and created a learning atmosphere; (III) It highlighted the characteristics of the practice, took study and practice activities in a down-to-earth manner and developed innovative activity modes; (IV) It highlighted the dominant position of the masses and made the masses play the role of offering advices and suggestions and the role of bridge; (V) This activity completed the required projects and obtained stage results. Deputy secretary, Xue Xiuqing pointed out that since the startup of study and practice activities in the end of October, 2008, in accordance with unified arrangement of CAS, Beijing Branch, under the direct leadership of instruction team of study and practice activities from Beijing branch, the leading body in Institute of Electronics, complying with the relevant regulations and plans strictly, successfully finished the various tasks after three stages of  learning and research, analysis and inspection, reform and implementation which lasted more than four months.In the current and future period, the leading body in Institute of Electronics will continue to conscientiously implement the reform measures and make it as the key point of the work in 2009 and 2010 to win the trust of the masses using effective reform results. While presiding over the meeting, the director stressed that although from the form of the study and practice, it had come to an end. However, the idea of scientific development should always be our guiding principles of various work and we needed to make sustained efforts to implement them. For the long-term mechanism which had been set up in activities, we must conscientiously grasp it firmly, achieving greater fruit. He pointed out that it was necessary to sum up the effects and experience obtained from study and practice of scientific concept of development, absorb the essence, establish rules and regulations and gradually form scientific, reasonable rules and regulations, working procedures and working methods that conform to the development laws of current research field. We should listen extensively to the views from the masses, find out unresolved problems timely and further perfect the institutional mechanisms. We should ensure the institute can win greater achievements by using new ideas of development, new  working methods and new mechanism.


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