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New progress in the study of ionospheric imaging based on space-borne P-band SAR
Update time: 2012-07-03
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On May 29, the discovery “Ionospheric Imaging Based on Space-Borne P-band SAR” task undertaken by the Key Laboratory of Electromagnetic Radiation and Detection Technology of IECAS passed the acceptance in Beijing. This technology is part of the subject of new remote sensing technologies in the “863 Program”.

To solve the problem of decreased image resolution and in some cases imaging failure due to ionospheric impact on the space-borne P-band SAR, we studied over the theories and methods of respectively extracting images of targets in the ionosphere and on the ground from their echo signal and realized the imaging of the ionosphere and the ground targets at the same time, without the help of ionosphere detection and diagnosis equipment and without any changes to the working mode of SAR. Moreover, the study has discovered a new approach for exploring the distribution of the ionosphere high above 300-350km.

The study has laid a solid foundation for the theories and methods of “Ionospheric Imaging Based on Space-Borne P-band SAR” and effectively increased SAR working efficiency, and is of great significance to the exploration and study of the ionosphere, especially the upper ionosphere.

(Sci & Tech Division)

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