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A Brief Introduction of IECAS

The Institute of Electronics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (IECAS) was founded in 1956. It was the first comprehensive institute in China in the fields of electronics and information science and technology.

IECAS focuses on research in the areas of microwave imaging technology, microwave vacuum electronic technology, geospatial information technology, electromagnetic detection technology, high power gas laser technology, transducer technology and programmable chips and systems.

The institute comprises 11 research units: the State Key Laboratory of Microwave Imaging Technology, the Geography and Cyberspace Information Technology Laboratory, the State Key Laboratory of Transducer Technology (North Base), the State Key Laboratory of High-power Microwave Sources and Technology, the State Key Laboratory of Electromagnetic Radiation and Detection Technology, the R&D Center for Space Traveling-Wave Tubes, the Department of High Power Gas Laser Technology, the Department of Space Microwave Remote Sensing Systems, the Department of Airborne Microwave Remote Sensing Systems, the Information Processing and Image Analysis Laboratory and the Laboratory of Programmable Chips and System.

IECAS obtained China’s first Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) image in 1976. Now, IECAS is one of China’s leading solution providers for space-borne SAR systems, airborne SAR systems, and remote-sensing ground processing centers.

IECAS was also one of the first institutes engaged in the study of microwave vacuum electronics technology and has become an important research and production base for related devices. For example, such devices developed and fabricated by IECAS have been successfully used in satellites, radar systems, rockets, and large-scale scientific facilities. Of these devices, the high power klystron and space-borne traveling-wave tube are the most advanced in China.

In the field of geospatial information technology, IECAS is one of the largest research bases for remote sensing satellite ground processing systems. Its multisatellite, multisensor integrated remote sensing processing and application system is one of the best in China.

The institute has also built an R&D base for high-level research in modern electromagnetic field theory, microwave technology and its technology. As part of this effort, IECAS has developed ground penetrating radar technology designed to investigate moon soil as part of China’s Chang’e-3 and Chang’e-5 lunar exploration missions, as well as wall-penetrating radar and Terahertz imaging radar.

IECAS was one of the first organizations to engage in gas laser technology research in China and its gas laser and laser radar R&D is consistently at the forefront in China. Its research on high-repetition-rate pulsed CO2 lasers has reached an international advanced level.

IECAS stands on the domestic frontier in the field of programmable chips and systems. The institute developed “Huixin,” an advanced, reliable programmable logic chip as well as its application software.

Since its establishment, IECAS has carried out a series of significant research projects and has won 97 national and provincial-level awards, including 18 National Science and Technology Progress Awards.

As of 2012, IECAS had a staff of 928 persons, including one CAS member, 74 professors, and 180 associate professors or senior engineers. 

IECAS was among the first institutes in China accredited by the State Council to confer doctoral and master’s degrees. The institute now has 530 graduate students.

IECAS has established academic exchange and collaboration relationships with top universities, research institutes and companies in more than 40 countries and regions around the world.



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